Having trained as an Illustrator and Graphic Artist at Gloucestershire College of Art, my career started within the advertising and publishing industries. Back then, the ability to sketch, draw and drafting skills were a prerequisite to success. Of course, this was well before the ‘desktop top publishing’ technology transformation took place.

In mid-eighties – while working freelance in the advertising industry – I began designing within the Audio Visual sector, producing animations, graphics and sets for use in video productions and live events.

Technology began to take hold within this sector very quickly; seeing an opportunity I started my own company ‘TurnRound’ in the late-eighties, investing in, rather expensive, Apple Macintosh kit, nothing changes!

This move quickly paid-off as we began to work in the events and video production sector for many household names and brands. Broadcast animation, multimedia and games projects followed as home computer ownership soared in the UK.  Online software development started as the Internet became mainstream, with our first website going live in 1996. Hence, I’ve been pushing pixels for a long time!